Navitaire – CFOs: Navitaire helps you take care of businessCFOs: Navitaire Can Help You Take Care of Business

With fuel costs soaring and expenses rising on virtually every front, CFOs today bear much of the brunt of keeping airlines growing and prosperous. That requires sophisticated tools to improve efficiencies and lower costs; manage risks associated with compliance, regulatory requirements and changing business environments; and become even more efficient at managing your company’s daily financial affairs. Navitaire offers a wealth of solutions to help you improve business performance.

Help your airline increase revenues and grow profits

  • Help increase ancillary revenues with Navitaire’s Travel Commerce by capturing more of your customers’ travel spend through additional fees and services and higher-margin third-party travel-related options.
  • Focus on increasing revenues with SkyPrice, the choice of 20 airlines for improved forecasting, pricing and inventory control decisions in both unsegmented (restriction-free) and segmented (traditional) pricing environments.
  • Determine your most profitable routes with SkyLedger, which includes a Route Profitability module to measure and model cost vs. revenue performance.
  • Reduce revenue leakage with New Skies. Automate a wide variety of fees and enforce reservation and fee collection across all channels and customer touch points, even at the airport. PRA System Sales Audits provides the tools to help you determine if you have collected every penny of revenue, taxes and commission from third-party ticket issuers, as well as the data to support debit memos for under-collections.

Manage risks with greater confidence

  • Improve access to the data to support accounting standards and financial audit activities with SkyLedger’s flexible research and reporting options and data drill-down capabilities.
  • Quickly return your operations and crew back to planned schedules with SkySolver, which can reduce the costs of operational disruptions by as much as 45 percent over manual operations recovery processes and systems.
  • Make the right up-to-the-minute decisions with New Skies, which feeds near real-time reservation data into finance, forecasting and marketing systems, and SkyLedger, which feeds revenue data and reservations activity into general ledger systems.

Save your airline money

  • Gain access to the tools to help maximize Internet direct sales — the lowest-cost distribution channel — with New Skies.
  • Streamline operations, reduce call center staff needs and training requirements, and utilize Web Services to integrate with virtually any system or platform and create convenient and cost-effective passenger self-service options. It’s easy with New Skies.
  • Help reduce credit card fees by settling and recognizing revenue with a variety of payment systems through New Skies. You can also rapidly introduce new payment types worldwide.
  • Reduce payment fraud with New Skies SkyPay payment engine’s integration with payment service provider-supported industry payment programs such as Verified by Visa, and Mastercard 3D Secure fraud prevention tools.
  • Help minimize the costs of both small and major disruptions alike with SkySolver. In its most recent year evaluated, the US industry trade association Airlines for America (A4A) estimates direct aircraft operating costs of US$65 per block minute of flight delay.

Improve your department’s performance

  • Gain access to daily information and help improve the flow of information with SkyLedger. Capture transaction data in a more timely way. Drill down to detailed data to get the answers you need. Automatically update GL systems. Create interline invoices. Perform credit card reconciliation. Meet reporting deadlines, perform research as needed, close your books on time. Designed to help improve confidence, SkyLedger supports all this and more.
  • Manage even the most complex airline business model with PRA System Revenue Accounting, the full-featured solution that addresses everything from sales and sales audits to proration to interline billing, refunds and accounting.
  • Be ready to meet the deadlines for industry initiatives such as IATA’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) program with PRA System Revenue Accounting. If your airline is not in a position to change your underlying revenue accounting system, Navitaire also offers its newest solution, Navitaire AsSISt, an independently operated, stand-alone interline engine that can integrate with your existing revenue accounting system and help you meet your SIS-compliance goals.

Contact us to learn more about the solutions Navitaire can offer to help you run a tight ship in a highly competitive and cost-sensitive industry.