Navitaire – GoNow Streamlines Service, Empowers CustomersGoNow Streamlines Service, Empowers Customers

Navitaire has an innovative new day-of-departure platform with advanced applications for agents and kiosks. The Navitaire GoNow suite helps speed travelers through the airport or station to their destination, while also providing greater control and customer service differentiation.

The GoNow Day-of-Departure Suite
Navitaire’s GoNow Day-of-Departure Suite is an integrated multi-channel airport and station service platform within Navitaire’s Passenger Service System (PSS) solutions. It includes kiosk and agent modules designed to empower customers, promote efficiency, expand revenue opportunities, and improve customer service. The suite offers convenient self-service options and an enhanced passenger experience across multiple customer touch points, plus configurable, rules-driven day-of-departure agent service workflows. GoNow applications are closely integrated with Navitaire’s New Skies Reservation System.

The GoNow Suite is comprised of:

  • GoNow Touch — an integrated kiosk application offering a customizable, intuitive self-service channel for airport and station day-of-departure services which:
    • Provides self-service passenger check-in, seat selection, bag check, boarding pass issuance, security integration, including collection of any associated fees
    • Operates in a Common Use environment — (CUSS) compatible kiosk application, including integrated bar code, credit card and passport readers
    • Able to promote integrated, context-sensitive ancillary service offers to customers both prior to and at check-in
    • Supports differentiated customer service through integration with New Skies customer recognition, rules engine, company-initiated New Skies FlyAhead offers, and New Skies Intelligent Seating capabilities
  • GoNow Agent — offers advanced graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for agent check-in and boarding, incorporating detailed passenger information to assist agents with serving customers more effectively, including:
    • Enhanced, highly configurable rules-driven day-of-departure agent service workflows
    • Integrated fees and payment collection for improved control, and consistent application for seats, bags, check-in, flight offers and more
    • Offers industry-compatible integration with security (e.g., APIS) and IATCI partners
    • Compatibility with customer environments, using configurable workflows and user roles for different job descriptions such as skycaps, check-in agents, bag drop stations

How New Skies' GoNow Day-of-Departure Suite Adds Value
GoNow can help companies achieve a number of business goals. GoNow lets you flexibly tailor the features and capabilities to suit your business model and airport or station environments.

  • Out-of-the-box day-of-departure self-service channels without API development — GoNow Touch offers a day-of-departure solution that lets you go to the market quickly. The GoNow kiosk solution is ready for branding, customizations, and configuration for your business model and operating environment. Another GoNow advantage is its close integration with New Skies, providing enhanced compatibility over custom-built API solutions.
  • Advanced, flexible sales platform for self-service day-of-departure services — The solutions can help you promote additional services to customers to make their travel experience more enjoyable and help increase profitability. Whether it’s for flight services or for merchandise or travel offers, the GoNow integrated platform allows you to offer customers valued add-ons such as complimentary or paid preferred seating, priority boarding, inflight services (i.e., meals, Wi-Fi access), tailored baggage allowances and more at virtually any customer touch point — even at the gate.
  • Greater control and accuracy — GoNow lets you define varied, rules-driven workflows for customers or agents with built-in checks and controls. For example, GoNow can enforce fee collections for seats, bags, and services at check-in to support your company policies and revenue goals. It can also be configured to provide alerts to agents for passenger handling exceptions such as confirming accompanying infants, or collecting or verifying passport data prior to boarding.
  • Improved efficiency and customer service — GoNow can help station agents manage the day-of-departure process more effectively and cater to customers. And the close integration with New Skies customer recognition and rules engine lets you provide better customer service to your most valuable customers through access to preferred seating or other benefits.
  • Common Use Self Service (CUSS) compatibility — With GoNow Touch, Navitaire has built an integration layer bridging software and hardware aligned with CUSS industry standards. This integration layer can be extended to other CUSS devices such as bar code readers, passport readers, and credit card readers, and can be integrated with multiple hardware platforms.
  • Reduced training for ground handlers and agents — The GoNow user interfaces provide an intuitive application combined with intelligent rules-driven workflows to guide agents, ground handlers and passengers through day-of-departure processes. Through the customizable workflows, agents are led through the process using configurable prompts and controls. GoNow can also aid in achieving cross-channel company policy compliance by enforcing fees for baggage or seats and by promoting special offers such as priority boarding privileges.

Look to Navitaire's GoNow Day-of-Departure Suite to help drive greater efficiency and promote the use of lower-cost self-service channels without sacrificing customer service and convenience. Contact us to learn how Navitaire can provide the services to help your business grow.