Navitaire – Network AirlinesTransform Your Network Airline into a High Performance Business

Network airlines burdened by decades-old legacy technology need to be every bit as nimble and operationally efficient as even the most innovative start-ups. But many network airlines find it hard to change. They’ve invested millions in legacy systems and can’t simply swap them out for the latest technology. They are required to make continuing large investments in their aging platforms, including elaborate and expensive enhancements and workarounds, and short-term fixes that accumulate into a patchwork of disparate systems, databases and applications. These eat up IT resources, limit flexibility, stymie innovation and make it hard to keep data in synch. And all of this comes at a time when all airlines face soaring fuel costs and escalating expenses that require a level of operational efficiency few ever imagined.

Do a quick self-assessment. Do your business systems:

  • Facilitate new technologies and features based on APIs, web services and other innovations?
  • Adapt easily to new business models as customer behavior and marketplace conditions change?
  • Adhere to industry standards while offering the flexibility to mix and match services and components from other travel and technology partners?
  • Credibly support long-term cost control?
  • Allow you to use your IT resources to build future value rather than simply maintaining your current IT status quo?

If you answer “no” even once, you need Navitaire and our parent company, Accenture. We can help transform your airline into a high-performance business. Navitaire has technology solutions that help maximize operational efficiency and flexibility. Accenture has unrivaled airline consulting prowess that comes from years of working with airlines around the world. Together we can help you in the following ways:

  • Cut costs and increase operational efficiencies
  • Facilitate growth, increase capabilities and capitalize on new revenue opportunities using flexible, adaptable technology, such as web services
  • Multi-host to support other related airlines or business units
  • Enhance customer service
  • Improve revenue generation capabilities to optimize profits

The choice is yours. Navitaire and Accenture have helped airlines around the world to grow, innovate and increase their profitability. You’ll quickly discover we can do the same for your business.