Navitaire – New Skies and TravelportNew Skies and Travelport Integrate Distribution Solutions to Expand Choice

Navitaire and Travelport have teamed up to offer expanded distribution channel options to New Skies reservation clients. The new product alignment provides New Skies clients with an enhanced suite of market-ready solutions to choose from to support the full range of business models, channel opportunities and distribution options.

When looking to expand inter-airline relationships, carriers want IT solutions that combine the best of low-cost, hybrid, and network business models. Airlines seek access to the open and flexible technologies offered by Navitaire, plus the ability to support codeshare, interline, and alliance relationships using field-tested industry technologies. With this objective in mind, Navitaire and Travelport have aligned their respective technologies to create the first cross-model solution that is well positioned to equally address the needs of the evolving low-cost, hybrid and network airlines.

The new Navitaire and Travelport integration is the first advanced market solution to offer this “best of both worlds” approach.

Combining Product Strengths to Support Growing and Diverse Carrier Business Needs
The new teaming relationship between Navitaire and Travelport offers complementary solutions to New Skies clients that build on the strengths of each company’s long-established and trusted services. Navitaire provides industry-leading technology offering extensible, flexible and customer-centric reservations solutions for hybrid, low-cost and next-generation carriers; Travelport provides industry-leading technology powering e-ticket and check-in interchanges, e-ticket exchanges, and global pricing solutions.

Together, the integrated Navitaire and Travelport offerings provide New Skies clients with more options and opportunities to do business exactly as they wish — to follow industry standards and set their own standards; to participate in existing inter-airline partnerships or to enter into new codeshare and interline relationships; to exchange tickets and establish connectivity with external systems.

Integrated Products Delivering Combined Solutions Benefits
The combined New Skies and Travelport distribution offerings provide several potential benefits, enabling clients to:

  • Gain access to industry networks without compromising low-cost focus by having to adopt more costly, complex network airlines processes across the entire transaction base;
  • Reach more travelers in new global areas, without requiring agencies or airline partners to adopt non-standard processes or abandon prevailing regional practices;
  • Maintain a customer-centric focus and continued access to rich customer data, yet provide partners with the e-ticket data required for their internal and back-office systems;
  • Adopt solutions are used today by many network airlines around the world, using industrialized solutions to provide streamlined implementation and access.

Through the new teaming relationship with Travelport, Navitaire integrates key applications within its New Skies reservations system with Travelport’s leading distribution solutions. These solutions expand the sales channels available to Navitaire New Skies clients to readily connect with the network of 400+ airlines available through Travelport, and to provide enhanced communication, pricing and e-ticketing support for these interline partnerships. The product integration includes:

Distribution SolutionPurpose and Capabilities
Travelport ETDBaseElectronic ticketing database hosting service that stores and manages all e-ticket data for online and interline e-ticketing.
Travelport e-Ticket Interchange™Centralized message switching and EDIFACT translation service that manages the exchange of e-ticket messages between e-ticketing partners.
Travelport Check-In Interchange™Centralized message switching and EDIFACT translation service that manages the exchange of IATCI messages between check-in partner systems.
Travelport Interline Gateway™Interline booking tool that processes against the Worldspan global distribution system (GDS) to provide Navitaire Customers with Other Airline (OA) content booking and e-ticketing capability.
Travelport 360 Fares™A comprehensive fares database running on a fully automated server-based open-system fares engine that provides comprehensive fares and pricing for online and interline itineraries.
Travelport Rapid Reprice™Compares existing itinerary to a new itinerary to accurately recalculate applicable additional collections, refunds and change fees for e-tickets.

Just the Beginning: Building on a Strong Foundation
The Navitaire and Travelport relationship represents the emergence of a powerful, new global force in airline shopping and passenger services technology. Each company’s solutions, as well as the integrated offerings, will continue to evolve to address growing clients’ needs. We believe no other two airline reservation services providers can combine forces for an offering that brings together this level of industry experience and innovation excellence.

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