Navitaire – Embracing Predictive AnalyticsEmbracing predictive analytics: Navitaire Ancillary Pricing Optimization

Don’t Leave Revenue Up in the Air
Navitaire and its clients are known throughout the industry for achieving impressive ancillary sales results. Success has inspired Navitaire to take its integrated reservations and ancillary sales solution and enhance it by adding an innovative prescriptive analytics engine to help clients optimize the price of their ancillary products. Our advanced analytics tools bridge the industry gap by offering airlines specialized solutions to help them boost their profitability with increased ancillary sales.

Ancillary Pricing Optimization
Navitaire’s market-ready solution, Ancillary Pricing Optimization (APO), is designed to increase ancillary product revenues with analytics-driven pricing. APO leverages the rich data collected by Navitaire platforms and our carriers by capturing every passengers’ experience. It also tracks travelers’ shopping and purchase behavior.

The solution offers clients multiple options, ranging from a standard APO version employing ancillary pricing optimization using randomized pricing experiments and a dynamic pricing engine, to an APO Plus offering which includes assistance from Navitaire’s analytics team.

APO benefits:

  • Smart retailing using predictive analytics
  • Boosting revenues and profitability
  • Machine learning driving results
  • Open architecture facilitating easy integration

Validated with multiple client implementations, Navitaire’s advanced pricing solution has an open architecture for easy integration and decreased cost to serve over time. Our platform enables carriers to manage experiments with speed and precision to deploy experiments in as little as 10 minutes. Fueled by a powerful rules engine, it also allows airlines to tap hundreds of pricing parameters, configure calculations and add carrier-specific parameters.

Leading the Way
APO is where the airline industry is going. Well-designed ancillary pricing experiments can provide significant revenue uplift opportunities. By helping our clients improve the price of their ancillary products, Navitaire will continue to lead the way into the travel industry of tomorrow. We also look forward to expanding our predictive analytics platform with more tools that help our customers offer “Smart Ancillaries.”

Learn More
To learn more about this new arena, read the white paper, Three secrets to success for Ancillary Pricing Optimization. It’s time to explore taking your ancillary revenue to the next level. Why? Because your competitors already are.