Navitaire – Global Hybrid CarriersDelivering Choice, Versatility and Flexibility to Global Hybrid Carriers

Navitaire has helped many of the world’s foremost hybrid carriers achieve high growth, expand market reach and attract more loyal customers while maintaining a low-cost base.

The rapid growth and expansion of low-cost carriers (LCCs) over the last decade has given rise to a whole new category of airlines called hybrid carriers. This new category of carrier is defined as an innovative, customer-driven airline with the revenue base, yields and inter-airline services of a network carrier that remains committed to maintaining the cost base of a low-cost carrier.

Hybrid carriers often rely on inventive technology to differentiate their brand and improve the customer experience to build customer loyalty.

Navitaire has served many of the world’s hybrid carriers since their initial launch and supported their dynamic growth to become pre-eminent carriers in nearly every global region.

Hybrid carriers’ remain steadfastly faithful to their low-cost roots. Yet, they selectively adopt traditional network services aligned with their brand to help them achieve higher profitability, faster growth and create a competitive advantage over their legacy counterparts.

They accomplish this by carefully implementing a traditional airline business practice, confirming that it builds on their brand promise, provides real value to customers, and it can be delivered with low-cost operational efficiency. This flexibility is only possible using new, open technology to mobilize your services and connect with travelers and partners to provide high-value customer services.

Hybrid carriers share common objectives designed to heighten their performance. If your company is looking to expand market reach and facilitate growth, then Navitaire has solutions to help you meet your goals.

Add and Expand Airline and Industry Partnerships
More than 65% of Navitaire clients have GDS, codeshare and/or interline partnerships and connect with more than 250 airline agreements and 10 GDS companies today. Navitaire solutions let you deploy multi-channel, multi-partner distribution strategies with GDS agency sales, online travel agencies (OTA), airline codeshare and inter-airline partnerships, and more, using either ticketless or e-ticket models. Carriers can optimize their distribution strategies with unique controls to balance these channels with low-cost direct sales via the web to maximize revenues and reach new customers.

Expand Your Global Footprint
Hybrid carriers today have complex and far-reaching route networks. With this growth, they need the flexibility to support extensive pan-regional route networks, flight connection hubs, mixed fleets, multi-cabin offerings and long-haul services.

Navitaire solutions have kept pace with these developments. In just a few years, many Navitaire clients have grown to become leading carriers in their region, surpassing many traditional network carriers that may have started decades before them. Navitaire solutions have helped them accomplish and manage this growth and equipped them with systems designed to help them adapt to sustain continued success.

Attract New Customers, New Market Segments
Hybrid airlines are attaining higher growth by attracting a broad spectrum of customers through tailored customer value propositions.

Today, Navitaire’s clients rely on innovative technology to help them grow by attracting many types of customers through differentiated service offerings designed to keep passengers coming back:

  • Unbundled, á la carte fares for cost-conscious customers
  • Fare-family offerings with selected, bundled amenities for targeted customer segments such as corporate travelers
  • Up-sell and cross-sell ancillary sales offerings for flight-related and non-flight related services
  • Loyalty programs to encourage repeat travelers
  • Advanced customer recognition capabilities to let your staff recognize travelers and provide differentiated services to customers throughout the booking and travel process
  • Create mobile and location-based services to enhance passengers' access to information, encourage convenient self-service options and integrate with social media

High Touch, High Tech — Treat Customers with Precision at Any Touchpoint
Navitaire solutions are customer-centric, and we incorporate this concept throughout our products. This product focus helps your company consistently provide a higher level of customer service using advanced technology to enhance the customers' buying and overall travel experience. Whether this is through an integrated loyalty program, guest amenity services, or fares focused on corporate and other high-value travelers, Navitaire provides access to the tools to let you provide differentiated guest services during booking or inventory access, pre-flight offers, boarding, re-accommodation and more based on customer status.

Maximize Revenue, Avoid Revenue Leakage
Revenue protection is an integral part of Navitaire’s solutions, with built-in revenue integrity to help maximize revenue and reduce fraud and spoilage. To effectively support this, revenue integrity tools must be part of the product’s foundation, not simply a separate add-on product.

Since business is never one-size-fits-all, Navitaire revenue integrity solutions provide flexibility to accommodate various scenarios and to tailor policies by sales channel. For example, here are some controls available in New Skies to help increase and protect airline revenue:

  • Allow partial or complete journey seat requests or cancellations
  • Require instant payment or allow payment time limit
  • Auto-cancel PNRs after payment time limit expires
  • Enforce fees and fares across all channels automatically
  • Vary payment type by sales channel such as GDS, codeshare, interline or web
  • Develop lists to monitor for fictitious names and cancel space

Trusted, Scalable Solutions
Hybrid carriers seek solutions that won’t throttle growth plans. Navitaire solutions are powerful and ready to grow with your business. For example, in a recent four-year period, a group of 10 Navitaire reservation system clients doubled their passenger volume average to collectively carry more than 90 million more annual passengers.

Integrated, Modular Systems Ready for Growth
As hybrid carriers grow, their needs can change, and they need access to solutions to support new business practices, explanded fleets and crew complements, differentiated offerings to customers, and the ability to partner with other industry players.

Having integrated services provided by a single supplier can not only let them supplement capabilities more quickly, but can also help increase data compatibility, system interoperability, and reduce complexity required to manage multiple vendor relationships.

To help growing hybrid airlines achieve this goal, Navitaire offers a range of products to help manage their business with New Skies Reservations, Navitaire Data Store, Navitaire Loyalty, Travel Commerce, SkyPrice Revenue Management, SkyLedger Revenue Accounting and more. Navitaire products are designed to work together to provide end-to-end solutions for airlines.

With more than 20 years of experience helping hybrid airlines create new and blended business models, Navitaire has worked with the leaders in this segment as they continue to reshape the industry. We’d like to share how Navitaire solutions can help you heighten performance.