Navitaire – Navitaire has Strong Industry TiesNavitaire has Strong Industry Ties

Navitaire is an active participant in the industry, working closely with long-standing and newly emerging organizations to help deliver improved travel processes and an enhanced customer experience. These organizations span the entire travel lifecycle, and provide forums to allow Navitaire to join with other industry partners to shape and implement the industry standards of today and tomorrow.

Industry Group Memberships
Through industry participation, Navitaire can provide a voice as a new technology provider and help represent the needs of its client base on industry initiatives. Here are some of the organizations we work with:

IATA Strategic Partner – The International Air Transport Association, is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 240 airlines. IATA, its member airlines, and IATA Strategic Partners set and develop global industry standards through participation in IATA work groups and task forces.

  • New Distribution Capability (NDC)
    As a Strategic Partner, Navitaire is an active participant in the IATA NDC initiative, helping shape and implement the industry NDC platform. We’re poised and ready for NDC, and our clients are, too. It’s been a key pillar of Navitaire solutions since the beginning, giving us and our clients decades of experience using the concepts. Check out IATA’s NDC web page.
  • Simplifying the Business (StB) ONE Order Project
    StB is an industry initiative that aims to transform the entire journey experience through the implementation of innovative solutions. The ONE Order task force strives to streamline airlines’ core reservation, ticketing, accounting and delivery industry capabilities.
  • IATA Passenger Name Record data for Governments (PNRGOV) Working Group
    PNRGOV, which is part of the Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (PADIS) working group, allows airlines, state governments, and service providers to collaborate to streamline data transmission between all parties. PNRGOV messages have become the standard means to transmit the agreed data categories from an airline to a government. Navitaire has participated in this working group since 2011 and serves as an ambassador for our clients.

IATCI Implementation Group is an interest group with more than 65 members focused on defining, communicating and maintaining standards that facilitate the interline through check-in function.

Professional Organization — Navitaire employees are also members of professional organizations serving the airline industry, such as Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Sociaties (AGIFORS).

Navitaire Works With Key Industry Service Providers, Suppliers & Solutions Every Day
Navitaire solutions work with many of the industry’s key products, services and vendors supporting the travel industry. Our clients rely on close integration with these partners to provide access to fares, report sales activity, support revenue settlement, and more.

Navitaire services also connect with a vast array of industry providers and suppliers:

  • Ten global and regional GDSs, virtually all major online travel agents (OTA) that use a GDS platform, and 9 ARS/CRS providers
  • Dozens of travel suppliers around the globe to sell ancillaries including insurance, car hire, hotel, activities and more
  • More than 45 payment service providers (PSP), payment processors, alternative form of payment providers, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) suppliers, and fraud prevention tools
  • Communication and messaging platform providers such as ARINC and SITA

Focus on Innovation
Navitaire’s mission is to help create value for its client through innovation. Navitaire has been recognized for its advanced, integrated solutions designed to help clients better serve customers, manage costs, and improve ancillary revenue generation. Navitaire solutions have been awarded more than 30 patents, with many additional applications currently in review.


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