Navitaire – Have the Smallest IT ShopNavitaire can help you get big results with even the smallest IT shop

Flexible IT systems and superior support are essential for any well-run airline — from growing hybrid airlines to newly launched carriers. But deploying and maintaining these systems on your own is an expensive proposition. Capital is at a premium today, and the capital costs for platforms and maintenance can run into the millions of dollars every year. Enhancements, upgrades, patches and additional hardware and software to keep systems current and available 24/7 adds more cost. Meanwhile, you need to hire staff to operate and support systems on different platforms, plus consider the disaster recovery capabilities for each system.

Dozens of airlines around the world enjoy strong IT support available at a fraction of the traditional costs. How? They secure their key passenger service- and operations-related systems from Navitaire, a leader in reservations and distribution, operations and recovery, and revenue and decision support technology. That means they can keep their IT shops to the bare bones minimum while enjoying the benefits of Navitaire’s powerful and flexible airline systems today.

Navitaire can do it because we know your business
Navitaire hosts a wide variety of mission-critical IT services for all types of airlines and rail companies — from those with thousands of crew members and tens of millions of annual passengers to airlines and rail companies just getting off the ground. Regardless of their size, complexity or business models, these companies enjoy the same benefits:

  • Free up staff to focus on differentiating their businesses, enhancing their customer-facing activities and fulfilling their brand promises
  • Shift attention from core back-end IT maintenance to help develop improved service delivery and aid overall efficiency
  • Preserve capital by reducing the expense of installing and maintaining core IT systems
  • Gain access to scalable systems and services to help keep pace with passenger growth
  • Add new features and services easily
  • Can opt to secure multiple managed services through a single supplier to aid in system compatibility, ease file and data integration and manage fewer supplier relationships
  • Compete more successfully with airlines that have IT staffs many times as big with cost-effective service management

Want to enjoy the same advantages? Contact Navitaire for more information about the managed solutions tailored to your business model and designed to help improve cost control and increase your profitability.