Navitaire – Transforming an Industry with Navitaire RailTransforming an Industry with Navitaire Rail

Smart, managed solution for superior service

High-speed rail companies are poised for growth in many areas around the globe. And to help them launch and expand, many are taking a page from the hybrid and low-cost airline playbook, looking to adopt new technology to help them extend distribution capabilities, improve operational efficiency and get close to customers.

Rail operators are facing challenging times with outmoded, inflexible reservation and distribution systems, and increasingly demanding passengers, coupled with market deregulation allowing more agile new entrants to invade a rail operators’ traditional turf. These entrants include newly launching rail companies plus low-cost airlines that have already persuaded so many travelers to abandon the train for the plane.

To compete, rail companies require new systems and services to take advantage of emerging opportunities, provide new cross border services, and vie for airline passengers. Armed with the same combination of adaptive, easy-to-use and innovative technologies that have made hybrid airlines and low-cost flight providers so successful, Navitaire Rail helps leading rail companies rise to the twin challenges of better customer management and increased revenue generation.

The Navitaire Rail integrated reservation solution is comprised of four key platforms that create a comprehensive reservation solution suite that can boost rail companies’ ability to attract and retain customers while helping reduce overall operating costs:

  • Rail planning
  • Rail sales and distribution
  • Marketing and customer relationship management
  • Day-of-departure and station services

Together, the Navitaire Rail platforms offer our clients an integrated suite of services that support greater efficiency and provide a superior customer experience throughout the journey.

Here are some of the ways how Navitaire Rail is helping transform the rail industry and improve service for passengers.

Connect with the Industry

  • Link more easily with global travel distributors, inventory systems and other external partners using industry standards and advanced, flexible technologies. Expand your options to connect with partners to offer intermodal travel to customers and engage in alliances or codeshare arrangements.
  • Pursue virtually any distribution channel via the web, traditional GDS connectivity, e-ticketing, codeshare services and Application Programming Interfaces (API).
  • Promote convenient self-service options to allow customers to print itineraries, manage travel plans and add travel services on the fly.
  • Use Navitaire Rail’s extensive API suites to connect with self-service devices at the station.
  • Distribute fares and schedules to agencies and other travel partners to attract and serve corporate travelers by offering a full range of fares and tailored discounts.

Take Advantage of Advanced Innovation

  • Create special experiences, cars, new travel classes, or seating areas to attract more customers. For example, quiet zones for those who prefer to read, sleep or work, or interactive social environments with in-seat games and food service for families. Offer even more services tailored to customer needs in each zone.
  • Use Navitaire Rail’s unique Navitaire Seating capability to promote physical (for example, forward facing) and marketing seat attributes (e.g., plug-in-equipped) to customers to enhance the traveler experience and support higher revenues.
  • Help generate ancillary revenue and offer greater value to customers while improving profitability using the Navitaire Rail extensive fees capabilities and Travel Commerce integrated shopping cart for insurance, hotel, car hire, activities and more.
  • Use Navitaire’s expansive set of APIs to develop your own innovative products and services to keep customers coming back for more.

Use Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Employ advanced customer recognition to create differentiated services and better serve customers. The Navitaire Rules Engine performs customer scoring to allow staff to manage customers with greater precision across all touchpoints.
  • Link with new technology platforms to add convenience to both customers and staff. Let customers plan journeys and purchase tickets online via websites, kiosks or, as more and more prefer, via mobile devices. Let on-board conductors with mobile devices read ticket barcodes (paper-based or on screen) or even change a customer’s seating environment on request.
  • Improve customer communication if trains are delayed or canceled using Navitaire Rail’s notification services. Plus, expand service recovery options for on-board and station employees with advanced tools to let them re-book passengers quickly and efficiently.
  • Use event-driven system notifications sent real time to external systems, such as an enterprise services, CRM systems, external databases and more to help keep your business operating at peak efficiency.
  • Access timely, on-demand, shared data for critical operational information and metrics that enable faster and more efficient decision-making. Navitaire’s Data Store can provide even more sophisticated capabilities to better manage the business and get to know your customers.

Support Growth Strategies

  • Tap into Navitaire Rail‘s integrated, highly scalable and flexible system to help you increase efficiency and improve business agility. More than 50 rail and air clients today rely on Navitaire’s advanced reservation capabilities.
  • Add more integrated services with ease as your business expands. Develop and manage a frequent traveler program with Navitaire Loyalty, enhance revenue performance with SkyPrice revenue management, and manage your revenues with SkyLedger revenue accounting. Navitaire offers a full suite of solutions to help you run virtually any aspect of your business.
  • Use managed services to access industry standards while Navitaire manages your day-to-day system operations. This allows your IT team to focus on creating customized elements to engage with customers and differentiate your rail company.
  • Access ongoing community enhancements through the shared service model to help keep operational costs low.

Navitaire Rail offers a comprehensive suite of services to help high-speed rail operators become growth operators by serving customers with greater flexibility, efficiency and reliability. View the Download Center on the right to get more information on Navitaire Rail, or contact Navitaire to learn how our managed solutions are helping rail clients overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.