Reinventing travel retail

Navitaire and Amadeus share a passion for helping our business partners improve their passengers’ travel experience and solve critical business challenges.

We’re dedicated to delivering innovation, technology and experience

  • Offer solutions that drive revenue opportunities and help increase productivity while reducing costs.
  • Focus on enhancing customer service across the entire travel journey.
  • Leverage proven platforms to power dynamic, diverse client bases.
  • Supply technology that underpins our customers’ ambition to innovate.

Open minds and open technology continue to transform air travel for all

Navitaire works with industry organizations to streamline travel processes and create a more connected and memorable customer experience.

  • As an IATA Strategic Partner, we work with International Air Transport Association members to develop industry standards.
    • Through the New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative, we’re helping shape and implement the industry NDC platform. Navitaire has been granted Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) status.
    • Simplifying the Business (StB) ONE Order Project aims to transform the entire journey experience. Navitaire plays a key role in the ONE Order task force to champion how low-cost carriers have effectively used simplicity to optimize airlines’ core reservation, ticketing, accounting and delivery capabilities. Navitaire’s SkyLedger® revenue accounting system became the first airline technology platform to receive “ONE Order Capable” certification from IATA (now referred to as Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) status).
    • IATA Passenger Name Record Data for Governments Working Group (PNRGOV), which is part of the Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (PADIS) working group, allows airlines, state governments, and service providers to streamline data transmission between parties.
  • IATCI Implementation Group focuses on defining, communicating and maintaining standards that facilitate the interline through check-in function.
  • Aligned with industry business partners — Navitaire clients rely on our close integration with these industry partners for distribution, sales revenue settlement and more:

Our services connect with a vast array of industry providers and suppliers:

  • Ten global distribution systems (GDSs), virtually all major GDS-based online travel agents (OTAs), and many codeshare and interline partner airline reservation system (ARS) and computer reservation system (CRS) providers.
  • Dozens of travel suppliers that sell ancillaries including insurance, car hire, hotel, activities and more.
  • More than 45 payment service providers (PSPs), payment processors, alternative form of payment providers, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) suppliers, and fraud prevention tools.
  • Communication and messaging platform providers such as ARINC and SITA.

Navitaire is proud to be part of the Amadeus family. As the leading technology company dedicated to the global travel industry, Amadeus employs 17,000 people worldwide and serves customers in more than 190 countries. Amadeus solutions enrich travel for billions of people every year.

Working together with Amadeus customers, partners and other players in the industry, Amadeus is shaping the future of travel, using the latest technology to move the travel industry forward. No other company in the world invests the way Amadeus does in travel technology.

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