Unlocking actionable insights

Take control of your business intelligence with extractable, near real-time information.

Integrate multiple data sources to transform data into information

  • Access operations data on demand in near real-time.
  • Build custom reports through an industry standard relational database.
  • Prepare data before feeding it to other operational systems.
  • Combine with other data sources, including reservations and loyalty.
  • Create custom objects to support reporting, extraction, transformation and load (ETL).

Gain deep insights into your travelers

Navitaire data store products provide direct SQL access to the New Skies® Operational Data Store and data warehouse. This means you can create custom reports and extract, transform and load reservations data into key planning and operational systems, such as an in-house data warehouse, enterprise resource management tools, business intelligence and customer relationship management applications.

  • Get detailed, aggregated information to facilitate and support strategic decisions.
  • Enable data mining opportunities.
  • Take advantage of instant information about transactions.
  • Extract and report on unique combinations of information, with support for custom report options.

The Navitaire reporting platform is a cross product, web-based resource that houses data from multiple Navitaire products. By using a common architecture with product-specific integration points, it allows different products within the Navitaire portfolio to share a single platform and offer dashboards and 100+ standard reports.

  • Capture information that covers virtually every aspect of your reservations business.
  • Create custom reports that match your business model.
  • Generate reports on demand or schedule to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Export reports in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF and CSV.

Use the power of data-rich solutions enhanced with science to increase opportunities. Navitaire’s pricing optimization and revenue management tools incorporate machine learning and sophisticated algorithms designed to increase uptake of ancillaries, enable dynamic fare and ancillary pricing and fine-tune revenue model forecasts.

  • Boost opportunities with our innovative prescriptive analytics engine.
  • Deploy experiments by tapping into hundreds of pricing parameters.
  • Leverage machine learning and rich data.
  • Employ dynamic pricing to help increase your competitive advantage.
  • Bolster performance across all market segments with powerful pricing and inventory analysis tools.

Navitaire’s SkyLedger® Revenue Accounting system provides you with business-critical, transaction-level data you can use to analyze and streamline your accounting practices.

  • Track sales and recognize revenue at the time of flight close.
  • Automate processes and reduce costs of finance operations.
  • Manage liabilities and settle with partners, while having a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Reconcile reservation payments and bookings based on your specific rules.
  • Report on actual, collected third-party values, including GDS sales and interline settlement.

Navitaire and Kambr, an Amadeus company, are working together to give LCCs unprecedented freedom and flexibility with real-time revenue management. Kambr people and products have helped LCCs across the globe improve their revenue management and forecasting.

  • Access inventory, revenue information and ancillary data.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning optimization capabilities.
  • Streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Create triggers and alerts to stay up-to-date in real time.
  • Focus on biggest revenue opportunities.