Fueling modern retailing

8 of the top 10 ancillary sales producing powerhouses rely on the Navitaire Airline Platform.

Reap the benefits of e-commerce powered by digital solutions

  • Offer bundled fares and dynamic packaging models.
  • Maximize retailing capabilities.
  • Utilize predictive analytics and machine learning to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Engage with travelers at the most meaningful times.

Drive revenue at every stage of the customer journey

Navitaire retail solutions help you to develop more creative passenger offerings. Travelers can choose from an almost unlimited number of options and services, giving you the flexibility to supplement revenue by charging for a wide variety of additional services, including:

  • Seat selection and upgrades — access to aisle, window or larger seats, exit row and extra leg room seating and quiet zones.
  • Checked, oversized or excess baggage.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Airport lounge access.
  • In-flight meals, Wi-Fi, entertainment and amenity kits.
  • Extended airfare holds.

Navitaire embeds omni-channel up-sell and cross-sell capabilities into every step of the passenger journey, from the initial shopping process to online check-in and day-of-departure services. The intuitive process allows you to manage the customer experience, maintain full control of your branded offerings and select the delivery platform — via digital devices or through a call center. Travelers can:

  • Purchase prepaid meals, travel insurance, destination activities, hotel rooms, vacation packages, transportation and more.
  • Pay for bags, upgrade requests, in-flight food and beverages, onboard Wi-Fi, lounge access, priority boarding.
  • Rent onboard entertainment and buy third-party merchandise.

Optimize your digital retail strategies with consumer-centric solutions from Navitaire. Take advantage of partnerships with third-party suppliers and distribute offers via any channel, on any device.

  • Offer complementary products through Travel Commerce, including car hire services, hotels, insurance, transportation, parking, activities and retail merchandise.
  • Connect to preferred suppliers and combine multiple products to create more attractive packages.
  • Incorporate preferred retailers into your recognition and loyalty programs.
  • Enter into partnerships with banks and credit cards, allowing travelers to participate in discount clubs, promotions and more revenue-generating opportunities to build status.