Transform your rail services with a
powerful suite of integrated solutions

To compete with low-cost travel options, rail carriers must offer convenience, value and a superior travel experience. As a managed service that scales as you grow, Navitaire Rail helps you improve the travel experience, integrate with partners, boost ancillary revenue and reduce maintenance costs.

Position your rail company for high performance and sustainable growth

  • Improve the passenger experience.
  • Develop strategies for increasing revenue and profits.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Team up with third parties.
  • Move the market forward through innovation.
  • Stand out in a world of choices.

Navitaire Rail offers four solutions to help you attract and retain customers while enabling you to keep your operating costs low

Improve the passenger experience with efficiency and flexibility. Now you can build centralized customer profiles and histories that help tailor your offers and foster greater loyalty. Send customer alerts, service notifications and vouchers to promote new services and assist with service recovery. With Navitaire Seating, you can promote seat attributes and create special zones, seats, travel environments and services to cater to passenger market segments.

Platform components include:

  • Central customer profile and history
  • Customer recognition and loyalty
  • Navitaire Seating
  • Promotions, vouchers, electronic credit
  • Alerts and customer notifications

Navitaire Rail continues to support superior customer service once travelers embark upon their journey. Passengers can purchase tickets and print boarding documents using mobile devices, kiosks or websites, which helps reduce rail company costs.

Services include:

  • Kiosk, web and mobile ticket
  • Real-time passenger data feeds
  • Irregular operations and rebooking console
  • On-board conductor mobile integration

On demand, real-time access to critical operational data and metrics enables fast, efficient business analytics and better decision making. The platform also features powerful capabilities for managing fares and pricing with greater flexibility and responsiveness. And, it allows you to configure trains and schedules, perform “what-if” analyses using multiple schedules, synchronize schedules with inventory on demand, create enhanced seat maps and presell block space to third parties.

Platform components include:

  • Schedule and inventory manager
  • Rules-based fares and pricing manager
  • Revenue accounting integration
  • On demand, real-time operations data

Navitaire Rail’s strong integration capabilities will help fuel the long-term success of your company. Connect easily with global distribution and inventory systems, tour operators and travel distributors to engage in intermodal and inter-rail itineraries and enable passenger self-service options. In addition, the platform helps you enhance travel agency and corporate booking distribution, establish and customize agency charges and commissions and facilitate negotiated allotments and private fares for agencies and tour operators.

Platform components include:

  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Travel Commerce
  • Call center, rail distributor, tour operator sales
  • Ticketing/e-ticketing
  • Inventory systems integration